Commonwealth members meet in Cayman

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There will be a major meeting of Commonwealth Members of Parliament this week in the Cayman Islands, to discuss the new Commonwealth Charter. 
The charter was signed Monday by Her Majesty, The Queen of England as head of the Commonwealth. 
Parliamentarians meeting as the executive committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association will examine holding a pan-Commonwealth parliamentary debate on the Charter of Commonwealth values. 
The association executive committee is scheduled to meet from 18 to 21 March, hosted by the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly. 
"In 1964, the far-thinking members of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly, took the decision to become a part of this global organization we call the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association," said Speaker of the House Mary Lawrence. 
The meeting in the Cayman Islands will also set the agenda for the 59th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, to be hosted by the parliament of South Africa in late August in Johannesburg.