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Peter Schmid, the Cayman Airways captain finally hung up his flying jacket last week after more than three decades in the cockpit. 
After almost 24,000 hours of flying time, the Swiss-born pilot, says there was just one incident that left him shaking at the controls. 
As the plane accelerated toward take-off on a clear day in Cayman Brac, a warning light alerted the captain to an engine failure, forcing him to bring the aircraft to a screeching halt inches from the end of the runway. "That was one of the very few times I have ever had the shakes after a flight." he said. 
He was reminded of that moment during his retirement ceremony last week by a telephone call from Cayman Islands Premier Juliana O'Connor-Connolly, who was one of his passengers that day.The premier was among a host of dignitaries, colleagues, family and friends who gathered to pay tribute to Mr. Schmid as he touched down at Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman for the final time. Mr. Schmid, who is married to a Caymanian, started working at the airline in 1979.

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Bathroom suites come in a wide range of styles from the modern to more traditional designs, so you 

will be able to create your perfect bathroom regardless of its size or shape. Bathroom suites also 

come with a variety of bath styles such as corner baths, shower baths, freestanding baths and 

straight baths, so you can be sure you will be able to bathe in complete comfort. 

Having trouble deciding between and bath or shower enclosure? 

If you are tight on space or simply cannot decide between a shower and a bath, then a bathroom 

suite with a shower bath will the best option. Shower baths feature an innovative design that 

allows you to combine bathing and showering in the same space and you will not have the problem of 

having to choose between a bath or a shower enclosure. 

Have a small bathroom? 

If you have a smaller bathroom you can find suites that have been perfectly designed for compact 

spaces. These types of bathrooms feature basins and toilets on a much smaller scale to help make 

the most of the available space. Wall-mounted items are perfect for small bathrooms also as they 

help to provide the illusion of more floor space. 

Looking for something different? 

Bathroom suites with corner baths are perfect if you have an odd shapoed bathroom, but can also 

provide a different alternative to a straight bath. You can purchase corner baths in a rqange of 

different sizes and they all feature plenty of space for a relaxing soak. 

Create the feeling of luxury 

If you want to create the feeling of a luxury bathroom, a bathroom suite with a freestanding bath 

is ideal. Freestanding baths are available in both contemporary and traditional designs and provide 

you with the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day. 

Buying a complete bathroom suite package for your home is a great way to not only save money but 

ensures that you achieve a fully coordinating look too. Before buying a new bathroom suite think 

about the look and feel that you want to create and ensure that you measure the room accurately.

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There will be a major meeting of Commonwealth Members of Parliament this week in the Cayman Islands, to discuss the new Commonwealth Charter. 
The charter was signed Monday by Her Majesty, The Queen of England as head of the Commonwealth. 
Parliamentarians meeting as the executive committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association will examine holding a pan-Commonwealth parliamentary debate on the Charter of Commonwealth values. 
The association executive committee is scheduled to meet from 18 to 21 March, hosted by the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly. 
"In 1964, the far-thinking members of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly, took the decision to become a part of this global organization we call the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association," said Speaker of the House Mary Lawrence. 
The meeting in the Cayman Islands will also set the agenda for the 59th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, to be hosted by the parliament of South Africa in late August in Johannesburg.

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An American travel company is considering making Grand Cayman a regular stop on an island-hopping air tour, nicknamed the Air cruise. 
Around 20 tourists touched down in George Town on Wednesday as part of the Mauiva Sun & Fun Experience tour, which also stopped in the Bahamas and Jamaica as part of a week-long holiday package. 
Don Hundley, director of marketing for Mauiva AirCruise, said there was potential for flights to leave every other day from Florida for a Caribbean trip. 
He believes there is a market for air cruising as a growth area in the Caribbean and sees the Cayman Islands as a strong destination for this type of trip. 
"The whole concept is making multi-destination travel simple," he said. "It cuts down on hassle and travel time and gives people the chance to enjoy the activities and make the most of their time at each destination."
Caren Thompson-Palacio, the airports authority"s business development and marketing manager, said: "The Cayman Islands Airports Authority welcomes the Mauiva AirCruise charter to Grand Cayman and is delighted that they chose to include us in their Sun & Fun Experience."

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So you need to sell your home but do not have the budget for professional staging, these four low-cost, do-it-yourself staging tips will help you to create a space that sells: 

No. 1: Cut the clutter 

Collect boxes, grab some tape and start packing things that do not need to be on show to a potential purchaser. Clothes, books, toys, excess pots and pans... basically pack everything that you will not need for the next 3 months. Potential buyers will be opening closets and drawers and if it looks to them like there is not enough room for your things, they will assume that it will be difficult for them as well. Too much furniture can make a home look cluttered, go through your house and decide what you can live without, you can always ask friends if they will store items for you until the staging is over, or rent a cheap storage unit. 

No. 2: Let the sunshine in 

It is a good idea to open all window coverings completely including rolling blinds up all the way to allow people to see the view and let in light. Home buyers love light, bright rooms. Of course this does mean that you will have to ensure that your windows are clean both inside and out and window sills will need to be wiped down. 

No. 3: Clean, then clean some more 

Cleaning is essential, clean as much as you can as a clean house always gives the impression that the house is well maintained. Unfortunately cleaning once will not do and you will need to keep on top of it until your house sells. Knock down cobwebs, wipe counter tops, clean grout, mop floors, clean light fixtures, and it will be worth it in the end. 

If cleaning bathtubs and toilets is simply not your area of expertise, hire a weekly cleaner. It is an investment but if it lessens your selling time it will be money well spent. 

No. 4: Set the scene 

If you want buyers to fall in love with your house the instantly? First impressions are important. Your lawn must be mowed and well kept, bushes must be trimmed, and flower beds must be weeded and topped with fresh mulch or bark. Add colorful flowers near the front door, in either flowerbeds or pots. 

Selling your home is always a stressful time, especially if you want a quick sale and staging just adds to the list of things you have to do to sell. Professional home staging is an excellent way to showcase your home, however it is not always possible for everybody to do, so by following these simple steps you will be able to show your home in the best light possible to entice buyers quickly. 

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