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The conditions for the 12-Mile Banks and Back Cruiser race last Saturday were unusually mild, with light winds out of the South South East producing swell, but no real problems for even the smaller boats. 
Starting in the North Sound and returning via Hog Sty Bay to Seven Mile beach, just seven boats made the start, and it wasn't long before Blue Runner had broken out and led the fleet out through the main channel of the North Sound. 
Yahoo Yahoo was in pursuit of Blue Runner, closely followed by Pie Sees 3. Mark Rickman's Panacea sailed well in the first half of the race, as did the smallest boat in the fleet, Nigel Bates' Artemis, a Catalina 25-footer. 
After 32 miles of sailing, Blue Runner, skippered by Bruce Johnson, sailed well all day to take first place by a handsome 23 minutes on corrected time. Pie Sees 3, last year's winner, took second place by just over four minutes from Artemis, with Yahoo Yahoo just three minutes behind them. 
Johnson had high praise for his crew. "The key positions on board are filled by the people who have been with us some time. This means that all I have to do is drive!" he said.

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Life is very demanding, which makes it increasingly difficult for us to balance our daily commitments. in fact sometimes it might seem impossible to balance both home life and work life. Here are a few tips to assist you when you are trying to get the balance correct in your every day life. 

1. Set definite hours for work commitments and home life: If your home is also your place of work, it will help to set definite hours for work, lunch breaks and times to finish and be "home". 

2. Set priorities every day: Try to set up a list of the work and home duties that you know you will have to perform each week and add anything else that may come up to those lists without letting your time merge into one. 

3. Stick to your Guns: If you set yourself a certain time frame for an activity/task, then attempt to stay within that time. Sticking to the time-frames you set yourself is a great way to balance both your work and home-life each day. 

4. Don't answer the telephone at home: This really is easier in theory. But, if you answer the telephone all day long at the office then, not answering the phone in your own home can help you unwind from work as well as reducing stress.You can always allow your machine to receive the call and then call back the person who contacted you at your leisure. 

5. Listen to Music: Listening to music when working as well as at home can help you to relax and therefore balance your work and home life on a daily basis. Listening to music makes work and home activities more fun and they go quickly. 

6. Have a way to relieve stress: If you are feeling stressed by either my work or home life, take a piece of clay or Play-Doh and manipulate it in your hands until the tension of the day melts away. Other activities such as baking and swimming can also help to balance work and home life. 

Balancing home and work life isn't easy, and usually it boils down to time management. It also takes some time to do this. However, it is necessary in order to avoid stress and to keep one's sanity.

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Last week, members and mentors of the Chamber of Commerce's Mentoring Cayman programme attended a luncheon presentation, at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. 
This year, more than 50 students have been paired with mentors, and since the programme was launched in 2002, more than 300 students have taken part. 
The programme pairs high school students with a mentor in their field of interest, giving students an opportunity to experience a working environment. 
At the presentation, the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce invited students on their third workplace visit, to hear a presentation from speaker Garth Arch, who was recipient of the Young Cayman Leadership Award in 2012. "He provided himself as a living example of what hard work can do," said Nicolas Thompson, who is being mentored by Cayman Islands Deputy Governor Franz Manderson. "Speeches like that are why I enjoy being a part of the Chamber of Commerce's Mentoring Programme because it's so full of great opportunities and experiences." he said. Mr Mandeson said, "I care about our youth and I want to give young people an opportunity to understand how the government works and hopefully they will be willing to join the civil service."

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Are you wondering what really makes a house a home? Below are some tips for you to consider 

when you are shopping for your new home. 

Bare in mind, size isn't everything: small square footage could be beautiful when it comes to 

the best fit for you, your family and furniture in your home. also it is usually sensible to 

purchase now and personalize later. Make sure you like the floor plan first, too, and try not 

to focus on finishing touches. 

Don't look for perfection 

It is almost impossible to find the perfect house and it is also just as rare for any buyer to 

walk straight into a home and say its perfect in every way. So instead think of how you would 

make changes to the things you dont like to create a home that is good for you. 

Purchase a life, not an address 

It doesnt matter how lovely a home is, if it does not fit your lifestyle, it will not make you 

happy in the long run. If you are a walker, a captivating house close to the city's center 

will not be considered a good match. If you love cooking, an attractive house with a small 

galley kitchen will ultimately dissapoint. And if you love entertaining friends and family, a 

home without decks, a large yard, and a lot of room to fit will end up frustrating to you. 

Include new furniture inside your costs 

Frequently, a brand new house feels like a brand new start so you will want new furniture to 

fill all those lovely rooms. Take this into account while you calculate your costs. If money's 

an problem and you are selecting between two houses, choosing the one which will accommodate 

your current furniture would be a smarter choice. 

Choose a floor plan, not the finishes 

You can change the finishes in a house, such as tile, paint and countertops, at a lower price 

than altering the floor-plan. Select a house with a dining area, kitchen and living space 

which are the best size for the for your life, then tweak the finishes later. 

Don't choose according to investment 

For most of us, a house is also a home - a source of comfort, safety, happiness, entertainment 

and well-being. A home which is a great financial investment is only a good choice if it also 

satisfies your need for home comforts as well. 

Moving home is one of the most stressful situations a person can be in during their lifetime. So it is even more important that you choose the correct home so that you can be happy with the decision you made to move.

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Samara Persaud and the Miss Nicole crew reeled in almost 300 pounds of fish in two days, in the recent Barcadere Classic. 
Just over 277 pounds of fish were caught, and earned the crew a $500 fuel voucher from Scott's Landing, for the boat with the highest cumulative weight. 
Persaud earned an additional $3,000 for landing the tournament's second heaviest wahoo, at 59.6 pounds. Crew mate Vaughan Smith added to the Miss Nicole coffers by taking home $2,000 for the heaviest yellowfin tuna, at 60.1 pounds.
"Some days you catch, some days you don't, that's just fishing," Persaud said. "Catching fish has to do with the current, moon, bait choice and sometimes just being plain old lucky. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but sometimes I blow my reel a kiss and give it a good luck pat, not sure if that helps! Needless to say, they were biting at Pickle Bank. I don't think any boat went home empty handed." she concluded.


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